About Boise Beauty

Oh, heyyyy 👋 I’m Sarah. The face (and creator) behind Boise Beauty Connection 😉

So many of you have asked who created this space and while staying behind the scenes completely was how I was planning to keep it, it’s time to show you who and why Boise Beauty Connection was established. I’ve been working on building this platform and website in hopes all of the professionals here in the Treasure Valley (and beyond!!) are seen, heard and celebrated for their talents and dedication to their craft!

I’ve received some of the most amazing love in the last year and a half from you! So, I wanted to thank you personally for believing in my vision, trusting me when you didn’t have to and continuing to help the beauty industry rise to new levels here in Boise!

Why I Created Boise Beauty Connection

I moved to Boise, Idaho, as a licensed medical Aesthetician looking to find the best beauty services for myself, thinking I would have no problem finding the professionals I was looking for. This seems to be a journey that so many people have taken over the last few years, and when I arrived in Boise, I immediately saw that there would be a potential to showcase the talent here in the beauty industry…